Entitlement Server (ES)

    For Wearables and Companion Devices

  • In-house developed entitlement and websheet server
  • Compliant GSMA ES Spec-TS.43
  • Compliant OEM Specs - Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO
  • Supported features - One Number, Standalone SIM, iPad, eSIM Transfer, etc
  • Connect more devices to your network
  • Enhanced User Experience

Benefits to Mobile Network Operators

  • Entitlement Server is a valuable tool for mobile operators, allowing them to connect different devices with interactive subscription plans wholly tailored to each user.
  • With real-life use cases like eSIM transfer, Entitlement Server makes life much easier for users who may have lost their device or are transitioning from old to new.
  • Another helpful feature is Multi-SIM (One Number), which allows handsets and companion devices like smartwatches to share the same mobile number; is a must-have feature for any mobile operator looking to provide an effortless service.
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