RSP for M2M (IoT) Devices

Advantages of RSP Platform

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    eSIM APIs

    API-based eSIM as a service, making cellular connectivity programmable following GSMA-accredited RSP (remote SIM provisioning).

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    Portable IPA SDK

    IPA (IoT profile assistant) is provided in the SDK, supporting Linux, RTOS, and Android, enabling easy integration for various device form factors.

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    GSMA Compliant eUICC

    GSMA-compliant eUICC chip for secure profile hosting and switching capability.

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    Bootstrap Connectivity

    Comes with Initial connectivity - Bootstrap to download operational profiles when the device is powered on.

RSP DP Plus M2M Devices


  • Future-Proof Technology: Based on the new GSMA eSIM architecture SGP.31 (IoT).
  • Save on OPEX: No maintenance for unnecessary network elements, e.g., SM-DP & SM-SR.
  • Save on CAPEX: One investment in Remote SIM Provisioning for both Consumer and IoT devices.
  • Adopt with Turnkey Solution: Extensive Solution and Software deliverable upon request for device management and remote configuration.
  • Develop your IoT Ecosystem: With, you can leverage the ODM/OEM chain advantage with a rich stock of numerous device makes.
RSP DP Plus M2M Devices

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