Applications across a Wide Variety of Industry Verticals

Enterprises usually set the ideal goal of large-scale IoT deployment, but find that IoT requires large investments and cumbersome processes. Why not leave it to us!

The Challenges of Global Supply Chain in IoT Deployment

Challenge 1: Rigid System & Lack of Real-Time Visibility

Challenge 2: Inefficient Logistics Management

Challenge 3: Fading Technology with Security Vulnerabilities

The Solution: Beyond CaaS (Connectivity-as-a-Service) with RedteaReady

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Portability: eSIM and SDK adopted at different stages with different OSes/hardware.

Openness: Capability to board any operators with eSIM enablement.

Spontaneous Connectivity: Non-typical scenarios like Lab, QA, field testing and more.

Future Proof: In-house eSIM/iSIM OS, RSP in EU, Bootstrap, SGP.31 & SGP.32, and more.