eSIM Powered IoT for Enterprises

With us, add flexibility with minimum cost to deploy IoT

Industrial IoT Connectivity Challenges with Traditional Cellular Solutions

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    Traditional SIM card is no longer suitable for IoT development

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  • Traditional cellular networks won’t fit the demand for IoT development

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    Diversity and fragmentation of IoT application

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  • Complex procedure of network connectivity

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Redtea Mobile IoT Solutions - How it works?

Existing IoT App with Redtea SDK
Redtea Mobile White Labeled APP
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  • Add eSIM capability
  • Global Shipment
  • Online refill data, Traffic revenue sharing with the customer
  • Based on device location,OTA eSIM profiles
  • Network backup services

Provides eSIM solutions with a Bootstrap and easy enablement by SM-DP+

RedteaReady eSIM solutions can enable M2M devices to dynamically download any operator's profile & switch network

Improves user experiences, can also be an operator's backup services

Solution to local manufacturing testing issues

Provides CaaS globality connectivity services partnered with 30+ operators

IoT for Enterprises: eSIM Platform Support

Empowering Your IoT Journey with eSIM Technology

Introducing our comprehensive eSIM-based IoT solution with benefits like reduced complexity, and enhanced connectivity in compliance with the latest GSMA architecture SGP.31/.32.

  • eSIM IoT Management: Manage and provision eSIMs effortlessly.
  • Connectivity Management Platform: Streamline connectivity operations.
  • Scalable Solutions: Tailored packages for diverse IoT needs.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Monitor IoT devices in real-time for optimized performance.

IoT Powered by eSIM

eSIM: Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise IoT Connectivity