• Scalable in Cost
  • Scalable in Manufacturing
  • Scalable in Penetration
  • Scale in Maintenance

Global eSIM: Highly Reliable Cellular Network Connection

Unlike traditional SIM cards, we provide cellular network connection services that can be flexibly selected, dynamically configured, and remotely provisioned.

  • More efficient SIM lifestyle management

    Integrating SIM capability into devices before shipping

    Eliminating SIM card purchase and shipping cost

    Streamlining SIM distribution by remote provisioning

  • More flexible connectivity management

    Enabling network connectivity upon powering on

    Serving as an insurance for device connectivity

    Connectivity Management via integrated aggregation of CMP

Global eSIM: Highly Reliable Cellular Network Connection

Why do you need a Solution?

Are you facing the following challenges in IoT Deployment?

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    Distributed deployment connections require a large investment

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  • Bound by a SIM card provider/operator contract

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    Unreliable and uncontrollable connection network

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Now a worry-free, one-stop, connection management platform at your fingertips

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  • Icon Factory preset
  • Icon Remote switching
  • Icon Smart distribution network
  • Icon Self-service recharge
  • Icon Remote management
  • Icon Multi-network traffic pool

Choose the package that suits your requirements!

  • eSIM Multi-network Card

    The GSMA-compliant eSIM card can be remotely provisioned for multi-operator profiles so that the network switching is autonomously managed and controlled by the terminal

  • SDK Adaption

    The device terminal is adapted to the SDK while the operator logs in to the platform for device management

  • eSIM Wireless Module

    The terminal uses a specific model of wireless module that supports eSIM and monitors the network automatically


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