MWC18 SHANGHAI: RedTea Mobile Launches RedteaReady Solution Which Supports IoT Scalable Deployment

MWC18 SHANGHAI: RedTea Mobile Launches RedteaReady Solution Which Supports IoT Scalable Deployment

From turnkey eSIM solution providers to massive IoT device connectors for connection-as-a-service (CaaS).

【June 30th,shanghai】turnkey eSIM solution provider Redtea Mobile unveiled RedteaReady - a solution featuring CaaS( Connectivity as a Service) in MWCS, which is intended for the scalable connectivity solution for massive IoT deployment. And during the event, Redtea Mobile also showcased RedteaReady’s application on modules embedded in IoT devices from many vertical industries.

In the near future, hundreds of millions of devices and objects will be connected based on internet connection. Thus, “Connectivity as a Service” was brought up by Redtea Mobile as we believe there would be an unprecedentedly growing trend of connectivity application . Similar to the SaaS( software as s service) and PaaS(platform as a service), CaaS is a terminology for IoT and device terminals, the core of the service is to make connectivity and all the capabilities related to it a utility service, and build up open APIs for smart devices and third- party applications.

To deliver CaaS, Redtea Mobile has launched RedteaReady based on eSIM technology, which is a solution that bundles together all the elements related to cellular network connectivity including internet traffic coverage, remote SIM provisioning, terminal system integration, connectivity management platform and the service related to it. RedteaReady™ is engaging in delivering a solution with the higher level of integration, better distribution efficiency and lower cost for massive device connectivity, to meet the growing demand with more requirements and pursuit of easier massive deployment, to connect the upper and lower side of IoT application and connectivity service industry.

MWC18 SHANGHAI: RedTea Mobile Launches RedteaReady Solution Which Supports IoT Scalable Deployment

Simply speaking, with modules embedded with RedteaReady™capabilities or by standard API, device can easily get internet connection anytime anywhere by remote provisioning, and a management platform would also be provided for real-time monitoring of data usage and device connectivity, no more complicated procedure of internet connectivity.

“Unlike consumer electronics like smart phones with manual operation interface, many IoT devices are unintended, they are passive in terms of reporting, so we’ve seen a gap between operators and device manufacturers, that’s what we think Redtea Mobile’s core value lies in.” CEO and co-founder of Redtea Mobile Dr.Hui compared RedteaReady as a massive IoT devices connector.

Dr.Hui states: “In addition, there are diverse IoT device terminals and a variety of IoT application, thus frequent interoperability of trans-regional operation and switch among many operators.”

South China Director of Quectel ( One of RedteaReady™’s eco partner-module manufacturer) said:” As one of the module suppliers with most rapid growth in the industry, a key part of Quectel‘s vision is to seek new type of standard and innovation technology for massive IoT application. Our cooperation with Redtea Mobile has been proved as a successful solution of enabling internet connectivity for modules based on eSIM,which also features the fast integration with existing operator’s infrastucture and device manufacturers, and interoperability to address the fragmentation issue in different IoT case scenarios, without disturbing the capacity and cost of module manufatucrers, which is an all win situation.

It is reported that Redtea Mobile has also showcased IoT connectivity application in automotives, new-retails and smart manufacturing, as well as it international roaming service applied on smart phones in this event, and also exhibited its eSIM products and service on China Unicom’s booth for the partnership project.