Qualcomm 4G5G Summit 2017: Redtea Mobile Develops Secure SoC Solutions for Consumer Electronics Connectivity

Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit 2017: Redtea Mobile Develops Secure SoC Solutions for Consumer Electronics Connectivity

[October 24, 2018, Hong Kong] The annual Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit was successfully held in Hong Kong. The three-day summit focused on 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, network connectivity, extended mobile services, and hardware and software systems with attendees covering the whole ecosystem in the industry, including global operators, equipment vendors and technology solutions providers. As a long-term strategic partner of Qualcomm, Redtea Mobile has been invited again, and has showcased the scalable connectivity solution for massive IoT deployment-”RedteaReady™” and its application cases in smart modules, new retail, smart manufacturing, etc. And the international roaming service products for mobile terminals are unveiled at the summit display unit.

Redtea Mobile unveiled a scalable connectivity solution for IoT devices at the 2018 Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit

New retail: RedteaReady™ cloud-managed eSIM solution replaces traditional fixed network and provides 4G cloud-managed network for retailers.

Currently, the fixed-line broadband access methods commonly used in retail stores are facing a lot of challenges like high cost of installation and management cost, inconvenient issue reporting, property monopoly, and lack of network resources. Together with the top commercial Wi-Fi network architecture and media service provider - Maididi, Redtea Mobile launched cloud broadband products, which embedded RedteaReady™ connectivity into modules that was integrated into the Maidi router. This RedteaReady™ cloud-managed eSIM solution could realize many benefits: flexible deployment, plug-and-play connectivity, always online connectivity based on the automatic and dynamic adjustment of network according to the environment differences, helping businesses to save more than 40% of broadband costs.In addition, the RedteaReady™ cloud-managed eSIM solution allows unified network installation of chain stores around the country at the headquarters, and unified management of equipment and data usage on the platform, , so as to bring down the management cost greatly. This innovative move applies eSIM technology, solving practical difficulties for retailers, can be counted as an industry innovation.

Intelligent manufacturing: produce locally, ship globally.

The RedteaReady™ connection capability provided by RedTea Mobile can realize“ produce locally and ship globally ”, which means device manufacturer could be free of the concern for its destination in the production stage, eSIM could enable immediate activation and smooth and stable network connection of the local carrier network based on the device location, and billed at local rate. Taking the AI translator as an example, RedTea Mobile offers global network coverage It can dynamically cellular network connectivity without inserting SIM cards or connecting to Wi-Fi, to guarantee a stable and smooth experience of multi-language translation and dialect translation. Offline translation, photo translation and other functions, with the system traffic and user traffic calculated separately.

International roaming service: eSIM-enabled roaming services by Redtea Mobile have reached more than 12 well-known mobile phone brands and 100 million terminals.

It is reported that by the October this year, with the Nokia X7 and X6 versions of the system installed with international traffic service provided by RedTea Mobile, The eSIM-enabled roaming service by RedTea Mobile has been shipped to more than 12 mobile phone brands. At last year’s 4G/5G Summit, RedTea Mobile demonstrated its application demonstration product that will be integrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 development board with integrated UICC (iUICC) concept. It is also actively working with Qualcomm to develop eSIM deployment capabilities based on Qualcomm IoT chip.

Jin Hui, co-founder and CEO of Redtea Mobile, stated: “The IoT terminals and applications are diversified, we’ve seen frequent case scenarios of trans- regional and trans- operator, There is plenty of room to for us explore about how to integrate “fragments”, unify “interfaces”, and provide seamless IoT connectivity.We are constantly pursuing more complete and integrated solutions for equipment manufacturers, ensuring easier integration, reducing physical space requirements and increasing unit cost effectiveness.We look forward to building a deep cooperation with industry giants such as Qualcomm, Consolidating the ability to enhance the chip and module side and bringing a big leap to the deployment and application of massive deployment of IoT device.”