Redtea Mobile to Unveil eSIM+ Platform to Leverage eSIM-enabled iPhones

Beijing, China, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — The leading eSIM service and device connectivity solution provider Redtea Mobile launched an eSIM service website named +) which is the first platform to leverage eSIM- enabled iPhones. This web platform provides an open marketplace that supports MNOs/ MVNOs on quick eSIM solution deployment and offers a wide selection of electronic eSIM cards for eSIM - featured iPhone users.

Latest iPhones’ support of eSIM kicks off a boom market for both Operators and OEMs. And a couple of specialist companies including Redtea Mobile have already been leading the way to exploit the Apple eSIM opportunity. By providing standard SIM provisioning platform (SM-DP+ platform) which is fully compliant with GSMA standards for mobile Operators, eSIM+ assists them on quick deployment of eSIM commercial solutions for iPhone and other terminals with eUICC, enabling Operators, especially medium-and-small-sized MNOs and MVNOs, to have fair business opportunities on eSIM application and work across borders.

“eSIM+ is open to introduce new eSIM business opportunities for MNOs/MVNOs across the world to be part of our marketplace community and thus to give customers a wider choice of eSIM cards and greater freedom of selecting eSIM service. This platform allows end-users an ultimate convenience to buy pay-as-you-go local connectivity and switch among multiple cellular data plans covering 60 countries and regions now,” a Redtea Mobile spokesperson said, adding that eSIM is the only globally-backed remote SIM specification for consumer devices.

eSIM+ launched data-only plans with its first update. In terms of pricing, it offers a wide coverage in Asia with a price at $9.99 for 1GB 30 days. Rates for eSIM plans acquired in Europe and North Americas are 1GB 30 days for $12.99. And what all the users need to do is simply scan a QR code to activate the eSIM over-the-air, without worrying if their local carriers support eSIM or not.

More eSIM-enabled mobile phones are expected to launch in the future and this will provide great convenience to the customers. As the most open marketplace for Operators, and a hassle-free choice for almost every new iPhone users, eSIM+ has a true potential to wow the industry and to make profound impact in the community.

As a leading eSIM service and device connectivity solution provider, Redtea Mobile delivers turnkey global connectivity solutions including global cellular data coverage, RSP platform which is fully compliant with GSMA eSIM standards, eSIM terminal technology and eSIM based applications. Redtea Mobile has been partnering with 20 MNOs/MVNOs worldwide with coverage of 3G/4G networks in more than 90 countries. By partnering with a number of well-known cellphone brands, Redtea Mobile has shipped its eSIM capability and data/roaming service to over 100 million devices.