From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

December 19th, 2019 | Fubon Financial Conference Center in Taipei | Good Weather

The 2019 Smart Manufacturing and Trend Development Seminar (also known as “EETimes IOT seminar”) was held intended for the engineers and R&D Teams of top enterprises in Taiwan.Ushering in 5G mobile technology, we’ve seen the fast moving new business opportunities for the industrial IoT market.

Redtea Mobile, as a CSP(connectivity service provider) shared insights on addressing the challenges of “Smart IoT” and released the new solution RedteaSIM that might reshape the LPWAN industry landscape.Ushering the emerging 5G and the growing penetration of the Industry 4.0, Redtea Mobile is unlocking growing new opportunities based on the innovation in “cellular device connectivity”, especially to meet the pervasive upgraded network service demands driven by the characteristics of 5G, together with Taiwan’s partner Burnon, Redtea Mobile delivered a speech and set up a booth, to talk about the shift from “smart manufacturing” to the next stage - “smart IoT”.

From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

Redtea Mobile Executive Vice President Xiaoqing Yang delivers a speech “to empower scalable connectivity based on CaaS”

Future-proof Trend : From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key!

To achieve real Smart IoT, There’s absolutely no question that we will continue generating larger and larger volumes of data and there is growing demand of real-time analytics of that massive data, collecting from software-managed hardwares with high speed, low latency and wider coverage. The demand for network services has been upgrading to higher and higher level, and “pervasive network” and new concepts such as “context-aware network” has been brought up. Technically, all the concepts are trying to achieve the goal that anyone/any device can access the network anytime, anywhere , to enable massive M2M connectivity and smart IoT deployment, and based on different context, the quality of network service can be adjusted or programmed on demand. This type of network by building a general API architecture that supports microservices, combined with embedded intelligence, will drive the shift from “smart manufacturing” to the true “smart IoT”. The key is “ Connectivity !”

When the engine or other mechanical blades leaves the factory, they are installed and run in a vehicle equipped with sensors. The acquisition and upload of a large amount of data requires high costs. Embedded with RedteaReady modules, those engines or blades are then empowered with capabilities like “plug and play” connectivity and “always online” connectivity to communicate with each other, and they can communicate with the device management platform anytime, anywhere, to ensure real-time data analysis and processing. It is carried out on the edge of the industrial site, and can control the required data flow on demand, which significantly reduces the data transmission cost of key business information. This is especially true in large-scale Internet of Things deployments, such as industrial network environments, which will greatly improve production efficiency .

Next, based on these analysis conclusions, it can fundamentally improve production efficiency and help improve the design or function of the engine. Redtea Mobile can provide the best ubiquitous connectivity service for manufacturing companies that need to connect to device entities or processes, that is, integrated solution that hides all the complexity of working with network infrastructure and provide our customers with a packaged hassle-free cellular connectivity service, and cooperate with the design of customized commercial solutions for smart manufacturing.

From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

(From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key)

Taiwan Market Landscape of eSIM penetration in “Smart Manufacturing

IDC, Gartner, McKinsey and other authoritative organizations predicts that by 2020, the global installation of IoT devices will exceed 20 billion, and the overall IoT market size will exceed 3 trillion US dollars. The M2M field in the Internet of Things is the main market for eSIM. ABI Research also pointed out that by 2020, M2M devices will reach 450 million. Therefore, the shipment volume of eSIM will reach 200 million, the market will usher in a compound annual growth rate of nearly 100%, and the traditional SIM market will gradually shrink. The rapid growth of the global M2M market is also reflected in the eSIM penetration in Taiwan M2M market, applying on different case scenarios as shown in the following graphic.

From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

(This graphic is extracted from “eSIM technology and application whitepaper” by FarEasTone Telecommunications)

The application scenarios of the Internet of Things in the above vertical fields are different and have their individual needs, but they are all the best practice of eSIM application in the context of the upgrading of the IoT industry, facing the following challenges that could be addressed by eSIM, or Redtea Mobile’s CaaS concept:

How to adapt to multiple operating systems and secure media in a variety of fragmented environments;

How to handle a series of specific and trivial complex issues such as software and hardware systems, cellular network coverage, and the environment constraints , and provide stable connectivity services, the kind of stability that enables Plug & Play Connectivity and Always-on Connectivity ;

How to kick off the connectivity service like the one provided by Reatea Mobile, is it possible that there would be an open interface to quickly realize the programmable connectivity for scalability and customized programmable network quality of service (QoS).

Redtea Mobile CaaS 【to address the two challenges of smart IoT : “Connectivity” and “Scalability”】

The executive vice president of Reatea Mobile stated: “As a connection service provider, based on the concept of” connectivity as a service “of CaaS, with the three core technical breakthroughs :” virtualization ”,” abstraction ”, and” openness ”, we hope to address all the challenges for OEMs mentioned one by one and help them to deploy IoT at scale, to break a series of challenges on the journey of the Internet of Things. ”

Redtea Mobile got solutions for each scenario mentioned, such as RedteaGO, a global data roaming service for the ” consumer market”, with coverage covering more than 100 countries, local rates, and local speed. And RedteaReady, which in place for bridging the gap between operators and devices, and giving the practical answer of the「 last - mile」connectivity solution for a variety of M2M applications., especially for OEMs producing locally and shipping globally in Taiwan market, The device embedded with RedteaReady solution could enable plug& play connectivity upon powered on, and connect to local carrier based on the location, and no more annoying negotiation with different local carriers one by one for SIM purchasing or data package orders, saving large cost on SIM and device connectivity management, as well as the financial procedures.

From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

(Three core breakthroughs of CaaS: “Connectivity as a Service”)

RedteaSIM: An Innovative SIM Lifecycle Management Solution

RedteaSIM, as another connectivity solution deriving from the concept of CaaS, is a new SIM distribution service designed for LPWAN scenarios released on this seminar. In Taiwan’s market cases, would be serving for case scenarios such as “second-handed sales” and “single outbound country”.

It is designed for ultimate SIM distribution efficiency and life management cycle. RedteaSIM ships disruptive SIM solution for the industry, to reshape the landscape of cellular connectivity for LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area) IoT, e.g. NB-IoT or Cat-M1 Through wide partnership with chipset vendors, module vendors, device makers and mobile operators, RedteaSIM has developed a solution that integrates SIM card capability at SoC level, dispatches SIM profiles over the air, and preloads operator connectivity during the course of device manufacturing. RedteaSIM is designed with the objective to facilitate large-scale IoT deployment, with the advantages of low cost, efficient dispatch, and reduced complexity of SIM card lifecycle management.

From Smart Manufacturing to Smart IoT, Connectivity is the Key

RedteaSIM - An Innovative SIM Lifecycle Management Solution

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