Redtea Mobile Showcasing the lastest CaaS application in MWC19 Shanghai

Redtea Mobile Showcasing the lastest CaaS application in MWC19 Shanghai

Redtea Mobile: to develop eSIM industrial practice based on eSIM technology, to magnify the application of internet connectivity in IoT era

【June 28th 2019, shanghai】Turnkey device connectivity solution provider -Redtea Mobile made its fourth presence on MWC19shanghai, after bringing up the concept of CaaS-connectivity as a service and launching RedteaReady service intended for massive IoT connectivity deployment, this year’s exhibition is more about its acknowledged application scenarios in vertical industries covering automotive, new retail , smart manufacturing etc

In the near future, hundreds of millions of devices around the world will be connected to each other based on network connections. Driven by various application scenarios, we’ve seen growing demand for large-scale deployment of device mobile connectivity in the IoT era. Pioneering in eSIM applications, Redtea Mobile brought up the idea of CaaS -connectivity as a service as the unprecedentedly innovative idea in the industry and launched RedteaReady service in 2018, bundling all the capabilities related to cellular network connectivity, Redtea Mobile offers one stop hassle-free connectivity solution for device manufacturers and application providers, featuring the following core strengths : plug and play connectivity, always- on connectivity, programmable connectivity etc and has been acknowledged on countless solutions for vertical scenarios in IoT industry.

Redtea Mobile Showcasing the lastest CaaS application in MWC19 Shanghai

Embracing its corporate mission -the “Simplify connectivity for a more productive world” , Reatea Mobile has been constantly striving to promote “CaaS” in the industry, and has made continuous investment in the application of IoT device connectivity solutions in the past two years. RedteaGO -the international roaming services targeting at the consumer electronics field has also been showing steady growth and well-managed operation.” Dr. Jin Hui, co-founder and CEO of Redtea Mobile, was invited to deliver a speech at the eSIM forum held by GSMA , saying that “consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones can be operated by users, while IoT devices are usually unattended, with no interactive interface, as they are often “passive” and will not “complain”, so there is a strong demand for filling the gap between the carrier network and the terminal connection application.I think this is what Redtea mobile’s core value lie in- as a solution provider to deliver connectivity as a service.”

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Part 1: CaaS

Dr. Hui believes that CaaS will become the general specification in the connection field like PaaS and SaaS in cloud service era. “From technology to application, the most difficult point to break through is the application scenario. How to alleviate the fragmentation problem in IoT application for different scenarios and to realize the value of the IoT in each vertical industries, CaaS will give the answer.

Part 2: RedteaReady application cases
  1. RedteaReady eSIM solution in new retail:Taking the retail industry as an example, the traditional fixed-line broadband access would face so many problems such as high cost at usage and management, inconvenient reporting, property monopoly, and lack of resources. By integrating RedteaReady connectivity into CPE, DTU and other devices, Reatea Mobile offers retailers with flexible cellular network connection services based on eSIM technology as a backup solution when network signed to one carrier doesn’t work out. Featuring the flexible deployment and dynamic provisioning of resources, Redtea Mobile eSIM solution has been helping to save more than 40% of the broadband costs and reduce the cost of chained connection management for retailers.

Redtea Mobile Showcasing the lastest CaaS application in MWC19 Shanghai

2. RedteaReady eSIM solution in Automotive:When it comes to the automotive, RedteaReady connectivity solution can benefit all the devices the needs cellular connectivity in the vehicle (such as: rearview mirror, center console, T-Box, OBD, etc.) , to enable initial connection to the local carrier network upon arriving at the destination and get powered on, and guarantees the trans-regional and full-time connection, without worrying about its final use area in the production stage, and no more complicated procedure of customizing the local SIM card in advance for every market in the world, which is especially cheering for device manufacturer with the demand of “produce locally , deliver globally”.

3. RedteaReady eSIM solution in tracking industry:In the SIM card era, the main application in the tracking field is physical asset tracking, and the emergence of eSIM has led to the development of live asset tracking, such as racing pigeons. Since the pigeon tracker needs to be fixed on the legs of the pigeons, the equipment is required to be very light (less than 4 grams to affect the flight) and the foot ring is required to stay online throughout the flight path of the pigeons to trace the direction, location, and dwell time, RedteaReady eSIM solution solves all the problems by integrating the SIM capabilities into the device without taking up space, which also enables network redundancy and allows the device to quickly initiate the backup network and restore the network connection after the network is disconnected. The vehicle tracker also applies the same logic to the vehicle equipment tracking. Whether it is cross-border or cross-regional within the same country, if the signal of a single operator cannot be 100% covered, RedteaReady solution can ensure the handover once the vehicle enters the coverage area. An alternate network with signal coverage ensures a seamless connection experience which is not possible to achieve with traditional solutions.

4. RedteaReady eSIM in handheld terminals:At the exhibition, Reatea Mobile also presented handheld terminals such as POS machines, translation machines and Mi-Fi , in which Reatea Mobile offers a portable device connection solution that can be used anytime anywhere, including: global network coverage, plug and play connectivity to get the initial network, no more SIM card or Wi-Fi connection procedure; separate data usage billing of system traffic and user traffic, etc.

In addition, integrated with NB-IoT modules, RedteaReady solution can be widely used in public utilities to help reduce the cost of infrastructure and installation , and improve efficiency of network installation.

Founded in 2015, Redtea Mobile has been dedicated in the field of mobile international roaming services, which has laid a solid foundation for its leading position in the industry, and has gained rich experience in helping manufacturers with the GTM process, by offering the whole turnkey solution including global network coverage to complete eSIM solution to cater to the diverse demand. We’ve seen the application of RedteaReady solution in a wider range of IoT applications. At this year’s Mobile Conference, in addition to the international roaming service products for mobile terminals, Reatea Mobile also exhibited a smart watch with built-in bootstrap eSIM solution.