#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

  1. From Brand Management Department

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“Redtea Mobile’s Belief, to excite more users, and to build a more connected future with eSIM.”

All starts with a simple idea: to create a roaming app with global data coverage, brought up by founders, Redtea Mobile was founded. Based on eSIM(embedded SIM), it’s much more convenient than the traditional option( flexible options of carriers , no more swapping the card and data service at local rate). The eSIM solution could be built-in SIM card or directly embedded in smart phones, changing people’s way of life by making the experience of going abroad much easier.

Engaging in device connectivity with eSIM,we realized eSIM could also benefit IoT, except for consumer electronics, and there is increasing demands for IoT connection as the tradition SIM card might not be able to handle the challenges of industrial cellular network connectivity of M2M.

Sticking to the positioning: “ engaging in IoT connectivity in 5G era” for smart devices. “connectivity” mentioned here refers to cellular network connectivity, including 2G, 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G.

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

Insisting on our mission, we do two things:

  1. RedteaGO: Global data coverage for consumer electronics.
  1. RedteaReady: Programmable device connectivity solution for massive IoT deployment,No swapping SIM card,Flexible subscription of cellular network,CaaS(Connectivity as a Service),Plug&Play Connectivity,Always-on Connectivity.
  1. From Consumer Electronics Department

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“Gradually, ‘RedteaGO’ became the only option for roaming service app built in most cellphone brands in China.”

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

Data roaming service app built in smart phones.

For consumers of cellphones, eSIM may excite them because: no more swapping the card / no more changing the number / high-speed and local-rate roaming experience.

Before we have eSIM,options when going abroad :
1. activate roaming service of the current carrier (quite expensive)
2. buy a SIM card for local carriers( have to swap the card, with some trimmed into micro card and nano cards , easy to get lost)
3. Buy a Mifi or something like that (quite heavy)

Now you have eSIM, forget about all the troubles you mentioned, all you have to do is turn on a built-in app on your phone, buy a data plan and activate , or in cases for phones that haven’t built-in the app yet, we give a QR code to get the SIM profile over the air, visit https://www.redteago.com/ and find our more .And data are billed at local rate and are from best local carriers( dynamically switching to another carrier if it’s cut off). A lot of our users told us their feeling about using eSIM, saying” feel so global!” , for such a smooth and seamless connection.

In the future, we might not have to purchase or wait for a SIM card after purchasing a new cellphone or any smart device that connects to the cellular network(like smart watch), turn on your device, Surprise !all you need including SIM profile is already there since eSIM has already did what SIM card should do.

03: From IoT Department

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“Soon, “RedteaReady” would make a more connected IoT era with eSIM, to meet increasing demands for more Massive IoT Connectivity.”

For consumers of cars,eSIM may excites you because:【like a moving data center, in-vehicle journey is always online and smartly connected 】

To explain “connected car” in a simple way: a car that is equipped with Internet access through smart devices, to give analyse and response based on a collection of data ( like road situation, speed and quantity of surrounding cars etc) And you are always informed of the information like the gas usage and gas stations position, so feel free to enjoy the ride with news, radios, videos etc. And to enable all the functions , it has to be connected to the internet, with eSIM to get data from carriers, it allows always-on connectivity with flexible options of premium network, thus a smooth and delightful car journey.

And technically, the tradition SIM card may not handle the challenges for network solution with strict demands like anti-humidity and anti-earthquake,low energy consumption etc, and hard to change SIM card of subscribe for new carriers in case there is a need ( at some point when there is no data coverage). eSIM solves all the problems by managing connectivity through RedteaReady Platform, always online and always high.

For consumers with a smart home,eSIM excites you because: one app to nail down all the control, monitoring and management.

“Smart lighting, lock, monitoring camera and energy-saving management”, a modern home calls for a consolidated solution for intelligent connected home. We’ve seen more and more home appliance for automation. By smart gateway with eSIM,all the intelligent devices are controlled easily to ensures a convenient, simple and comfortable smart home.

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

  1. From Carrier Business Department

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“We’re in deep collabortion based on eSIM with global carriers and offer global coverage service.”

eSIM may excites carriers because:

Lower operation cost: No more SIM card purchase, storage, coding and shipping, sales procedures are greatly simplified, bringing down the operational cost and improving customer satifaction.

Win back churn of customer: By remote provisioning of SIM profile, carriers would win back churn of customers as now device manufacturers could have flexible options of carriers all the time, unlike the traditional binding contract for a long time which means loss of customers for quite a long period.

For consumers with a smart home,eSIM excites you because: one app to nail down all the control, monitoring and management.

New business opportunity: the whole IoT industry got excited by eSIM which means innovative connectivity, and enormous growth for IoT development. As the upstream in the industry to provide network resources, Carriers could lead the way of integrating eSIM and contribute more for the whole industry.

  1. From Business Department

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“Based on eSIM, Redtea Mobile brought new opportunites for devices.”

eSIM may excites OEMs, chipset&module makers because:

For device manufacturers:

eSIM enables:【remote provisioning of network resources, batch deployment and unified management 】

Most devices are unintended with long life span and hard to change the parts, and the traditional SIM cards inserted could not meet the strict demands for industrial application (like temperature, wetness etc) , most importantly, massive IoT deployment requires much hand operation in this case.

ReteaMobile eSIM solution enables the device to manufacture at one place and get ready for shipping to many countries, no more manual operation of inserting SIM card since SIM profiles are provisioned remotely by RedteaMobile RSP platform , also with core three strengths including: Always-on-Connectivity, Plug&Play Connectivity, Connectivity as a Service(CaaS), and service of monitoring and management of the connectivity situation and data usage. And we offer open API, programmable connectivity for batch deployment.

For chip/module manufacturers : new business opportunity.

By integrating eSIM in the solution, chip/module manufacturers would gain more business opportunities brought by increasing IoT device with eSIM demands. And this service simplified the procedures for device makers , no more SIM card purchase and out-of-the-box connectivity,and also means new business model for chip/module manufacturers.

  1. From R&D Team

#Redtea Mobile Talk Show | eSIM in your eyes

“eSIM excites developers for: programmale connectivity, more focus on business innovation.”

1. More focus on business innovation

The standard open API provides the whole ability of connectivity, including device management, network connection and access, network protocol(MQTT/COPS/TCP/IP/HTTP), so the developer can concentrate more on the engineering work of implementing the business logic , without paying extra attention to technical work on connectivity.

2. Programmable connectivity

The programmable API ensure that you can remotely control and communicate with your device, more importantly, you can customize your command and action to the device.

3. Easy management

Easy to the device, connectivity, data usage and preferred cellular network in a visible dashboard.

4. Compatiable with all kinds of cloud

RedteaMobile CaaS is secure, stable and cloud-based. Compatible with our own cloud and other 3rd party platforms such as AWS, RedteaMobile eSIM Solution enables more convenience for developers to easily integrate networking solution with the cloud-based IT structure to support the expanding business.

it makes it much easier to subscribe for carriers. Instead of having to order a new SIM and wait around for it to arrive, you can switch to a new carrier straight from the phones (from device platform for IoT device). If you’re a dual-SIM user, with eSIM to be the secondary, eSIM technology supports multiple accounts — and switching between them is super easy.

Latest Trends of Network Connectivity

1. More demanding requirement of Cellular connectivity

Any smart device connects to the internet. In IoT era,connectivity for cellular network has been driven to upgrade, to meet the emerging demands of device with more IoT applications. Device is expected to enable always-on connectivity and unified deployment and management on a IoT platform.

2. Massive demands of IoT connectivity to usher in the upcoming 5G

With more emerging IoT applications, more deployment of 4G module in devices and 5G to be widely applied, devices are set to transfer to 4G and 5G to replace the tradition 2G, 3G and 4G modules, which might drive massive demands of IoT connectivity with requirements like the high-speed bandwidth, so that device could maximize the internet experience

Easy to the device, connectivity, data usage and preferred cellular network in a visible dashboard.

3. As one of 5G’s application-NB-IoT

NB-IoT features Low Power Wide Area Network, indoor coverage, low cost and high density, which cater to the demanding needs of a lot of industrial IoT applications, including smart city, smart building, smart community, smart home , smart logistics and smart manufacturing etc, to facilitate the massive IoT deployment by promoting the data transfer efficiency and bringing down the cost.