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The  Hassle-free and Economical Way for Scaling Your IoT Deployment

In order to provide CaaS (Connectivity as a Service) and make it easier for device manufacturers to utilize, Redtea Mobile launched its RedteaReady  program. It has packed all the stuff related to cellular connectivity and integrated them into the firmware for different module vendors, which requires no modification in devices’ manufacturing process and makes it possible to upgrade existing devices in the market over the air. Users can also manage devices and subscriptions via the user console that RedteaReady provided. This really turnkey and hassle-free solution for network connection can keep device manufacturers from being bored with purchasing SIM cards, modules, and managing cellular data separately. 

The embedded lib shipped with IoT module firmware enables scalable connectivity distribution with low cost and high efficiency.

Scaling Your Connected Device Deployment 


Plug & Play Connectivity
Free your device from a series of tedious steps including swapping SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi network, or  connecting to an ethernet  cable to  obtain network access.   
Always-on Connectivity
Immunize your device against spontaneous loss of connectivity and remain it  online with redundant network. 
Allow your device to enable scalable connectivity(subscriptions management & seamless transitions between multiple networks) via programmable APIs and SDK. 
No Upfront Costs 
Keep your device low fixed maintenance  cost with the built-in provisional profiles  which can also be added over the air to existing devices


Context of Use

Our service is widely applicable to various IoT scenarios, including connected cars (smart rearview mirror, OBD, vehicle hotspot), AI translator, Mi-Fi device, smart earphone, smart metering, tracker, DTU, bike-sharing, advertising player, and video surveillance devices, etc.


User Console

Subscription Management Order No., CID, Product Name, Product Type, Order Time, Order Status, Data Usage, etc..
Device Management Network Status, IMSI, Data Plan, Operating Records, etc..


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