For Consumer Electronics

Redtea Mobile has shipped its eSIM capability and data roaming service to over 200 million consumer electronics.

Allows consumers flexibility to choose the data plan that’s right for their trip

Allows consumers the ultimate convenience of connectivity management from an easy mobile app interface

Offers full internet access to designated apps as an exclusive package at low rates or even without data charges

Enables data plan purchase and activation without network connection via smart bootstrap

Our Advantages

  • We have developed an RSP platform which is fully compliant with GSMA eSIM standards and can extend our eSIM solution to non eUICC equipped devices.
  • Our turnkey solution includes the integration of worldwide operators, development of a cloud management platform, building and customization of mobile applications, and operation and maintenance of eSIM related equipments.
  • We support Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung chipsets.
  • Our solution can work on Android, Linux, RTos, and COS, and is available for applications installed in TEE, eUICC, eSE and iSSP (i.e. iUICC).
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