Redtea Mobile is the leading eSIM (embedded SIM) service and turnkey solution provider that enables Plug & Play Connectivity preloaded to devices and ensures Always-on Connectivity. As the device connectivity operator, we leverage eSIM technology and beyond to provide the last-mile solution for device connectivity and scalable connectivity solution for massive IoT.

In this hyper-connected world, billions of objects and devices will be connected worldwide across multiple mobile networks over the coming years. Redtea Mobile is in place to give devices the new cost-saving and practical answer of the last mille solution for an “Always-Connected” world.

We are looking forward to collaborating with device OEMs, chipset and module manufacturers, mobile operators and service providers across the world on scalable connectivity solution for massive IoT.

Why Redtea Mobile

A fully integrated solution

We deliver turnkey global connectivity solutions including global cellular data coverage, RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) platform, eSIM terminal technology, eSIM modules, and eSIM based applications.

Experience in production

Our technology has already brought benefits to cellphones and an even a wider range of IoT applications, which can get your products to market faster.

Stay professional and focused

We are very concentrated on the deivce connectivity based on eSIM. We have developed an RSP platform which is compliant with GSMA eSIM standards and can extend our eSIM solution to non-eUICC equipped devices. We support mainstream chipsets and can work on Android, Linux, RTos, and COS, and is available for applications installed in TEE, eUICC, eSE, and iSSP (i.e. iUICC).

Enable Plug & Play Connectivity with eSIM Pre-installed in the Device

Enable plug & play connectivity with eSIM pre-installed in the device

When we say plug & play Connectivity feature or functionality, particularly in software, it means a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after installation without any configuration or modification.  

Contrasting with the traditional methods of pre-provisioning specific, fixed profiles into SIMs during manufacture, or put it another way, different from the conventional pluggable SIM cards used in cell phones, and the “soldered-in” form used in some M2M devices, our “Plug & Play Connectivity” service will come in the form of a SIM chip that is embedded in and cannot be removed from the device. This will enable a device to obtain cellular connectivity right after the device is powered on. Technically eSIM can apply to any form-factors.

However, most are expected to be embedded. No matter what kind of form-factor it adopts, the new concept can make SIM slots disappear eventually. Real estate inside devices is expensive, as evidenced by the removal of the headphone jack from smartphones such as the iPhone 7.

Last but certainly not least, The “Plug & Play Connectivity” capability frees end users from a series of tedious steps including swapping SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi network, or connecting to an ethernet cable to obtain network access.


Empower Global Connectivity with eSIM

It is an accepted fact that the SIM card revolutionized the Telecom industry and spurred us into the world of portable communication based on smartphones since it began commercial operation in 1991.

The world is becoming more and more connected during the past two decades and billions of objects and devices will be connected worldwide across multiple mobile networks over the coming years. Traditional pluggable SIM cards are being replaced by embedded SIMs/eSIMs. The former is possibly facing the end of its  lifespan.

The eSIM which can be fitted into devices permanently and re-programmed remotely is a disruptive concept that has potential to reshape the landscape of the industry.

Once a device is eSIM enabled, the end user is able to get flexible access to multiple mobile networks without physically changing the SIM card. Once eSIM technology among both mobile network Operators and device makers is widespread, there will be a new era of how devices can connect and how business can operate.

However, like all innovations, it takes efforts and time for the concept to be widely landed and to be fully bought by the community. This is the opportunity for Redtea Mobile, and why we propose to leverage eSIM technology with a turnkey solution that enables plug & play connectivity with eSIM pre-installed in the device and ensures always-on connectivity with Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Platform. Redtea Mobile is in place to give consumers the new cost-saving and practical answer by re-defining global connectivity in the eSIM way.


Redtea Mobile Develops Secure SoC Solutions for Consumer Electronics Connectivity

Redtea Mobile unveiled an integrated eSIM technology based upon its Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platform and Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform featuring iUICC concept at 4G/5G Summit 2017

【HONG KONG,  OCTOBER 18, 2017】Redtea Mobile, an eSIM turnkey solution provider, demonstrated its eSIM based application developed on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 development board featuring integrated UICC (iUICC) concept and the deployment of its eSIM capability on Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms at the Qualcomm Technologies’ 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong during October 16-18. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated.

Integrating Redtea Mobile’s embedded SIM (eSIM) software component into Qualcomm Technologies’ iUICC concept featuring in Snapdragon Mobile Platforms, the combination is designed to address the growing demands for a higher level of connectivity on mobile devices — to address the security platforms in the device and be the trusted element for SIM.

As one of the eSIM implementations, the iUICC module has no separate off-chip component as the SoC solution combines the secure processor, the baseband processor and possibly other processors into one discrete hardware component. This solution can satisfy prevailing and future security requirements.

In particular, Redtea Mobile will deploy their eSIM terminal solution (e.g. LPA) and Subscription Manager-Data Preparation+ (SM-DP+) cloud service on top of Qualcomm Technologies’ iUICC. This eSIM offering for consumer electronics is compliant with GSMA eSIM standards to support fast, seamless deployment and connectivity for OEMs and mobile network operators (MNOs).

“An important aspect of our 5G vision is the adoption of leading new standards and innovations around the trusted SIM card,” said Sy Choudhury, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm Technologies and Redtea Mobile have worked together to demonstrate how the GSMA’s Remote SIM Provisioning specification for embedded SIM can run on a Snapdragon Mobile Platform while effectively integrating with existing mobile operator infrastructures.”

“We’re excited to showcase our eSIM Technology running on the Snapdragon Mobile Platform to the world’s most innovative device manufacturers and mobile operators at Qualcomm Technologies’ annual 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong,” said Dr. Hui Jin, CEO and Co-founder of Redtea Mobile. “As an established brand that has shipped its eSIM capability and data/roaming service to over 100 million devices by partnering with 20+ MNOs/MVNOs worldwide and a majority of smartphone manufacturers including OPPO, vivo, Samsung (China), Xiaomi, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu, LeEco, and Smartisans, Redtea’s proven technology brings a brand new level of features and convenience to consumers and the roaming industry as a whole. The demonstration with Qualcomm Technologies is a first of its kind to show integrated eSIM capabilities on a Qualcomm Technologies platform and may offer a generational leap in data connectivity.”

“We are always pursuing a more complete and integrated solution for device manufacturers. By working together, Redtea Mobile and Qualcomm Technologies are demonstrating how a leading and innovative eSIM and SoC can be integrated at the platform level, while also making the solution easier to integrate for device manufacturers, to reduce physical space requirements and be more cost effective,” said Ming Jiang, Redtea Mobile’s CTO and Co-founder.

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