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Enable Plug & Play Connectivity with eSIM Pre-installed in the Device

Enable plug & play connectivity with eSIM pre-installed in the device

When we say plug & play Connectivity feature or functionality, particularly in software, it means a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after installation without any configuration or modification.  

Contrasting with the traditional methods of pre-provisioning specific, fixed profiles into SIMs during manufacture, or put it another way, different from the conventional pluggable SIM cards used in cell phones, and the “soldered-in” form used in some M2M devices, our “Plug & Play Connectivity” service will come in the form of a SIM chip that is embedded in and cannot be removed from the device. This will enable a device to obtain cellular connectivity right after the device is powered on. Technically eSIM can apply to any form-factors.

However, most are expected to be embedded. No matter what kind of form-factor it adopts, the new concept can make SIM slots disappear eventually. Real estate inside devices is expensive, as evidenced by the removal of the headphone jack from smartphones such as the iPhone 7.

Last but certainly not least, The “Plug & Play Connectivity” capability frees end users from a series of tedious steps including swapping SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi network, or connecting to an ethernet cable to obtain network access.


Empower Global Connectivity with eSIM

It is an accepted fact that the SIM card revolutionized the Telecom industry and spurred us into the world of portable communication based on smartphones since it began commercial operation in 1991.

The world is becoming more and more connected during the past two decades and billions of objects and devices will be connected worldwide across multiple mobile networks over the coming years. Traditional pluggable SIM cards are being replaced by embedded SIMs/eSIMs. The former is possibly facing the end of its  lifespan.

The eSIM which can be fitted into devices permanently and re-programmed remotely is a disruptive concept that has potential to reshape the landscape of the industry.

Once a device is eSIM enabled, the end user is able to get flexible access to multiple mobile networks without physically changing the SIM card. Once eSIM technology among both mobile network Operators and device makers is widespread, there will be a new era of how devices can connect and how business can operate.

However, like all innovations, it takes efforts and time for the concept to be widely landed and to be fully bought by the community. This is the opportunity for Redtea Mobile, and why we propose to leverage eSIM technology with a turnkey solution that enables plug & play connectivity with eSIM pre-installed in the device and ensures always-on connectivity with Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Platform. Redtea Mobile is in place to give consumers the new cost-saving and practical answer by re-defining global connectivity in the eSIM way.