Redtea Mobile


Redtea Mobile is a pioneering eSIM technology practitioner and device connectivity service provider By offering the complete eSIM-capable solution with pervasive cellular network coverage for various types of IoT devices across the world, Redtea Mobile has shipped its embedded connectivity capability to over 500 million devices with global 3G/4G network resources covering 200+ countries and regions.

Redtea Mobile introduced the term "Connectivity as a Service," which gained wide acceptance in the industry. As a prominent technology provider, we have expanded our offerings to include "Provisioning-as-a- Service" and "xSIM-as-a-Service" as well.

By taking care of the complicated details of communications infrastructure and how cellular network works, we are committed to providing our customers (including mobile operators, device OEMs, chipset and module manufacturers) with a packaged connectivity service that is flexible, reliable, scalable, and simple enough to use.