Mission, Vision & Values

  • Our roadmap starts with our


    Simplify connectivity for a more productive world

    Our mission declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • Striving to realise our


    Make connectivity into a utility and become the world’s leading CaaS company

    Our vision describes what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Core Values

Our core values reflect Redtea Mobile’s beliefs. We seek people who embodies these values to guide our actions and conduct.
  • 1

    Customer First

    Customers are the primary vehicle for a company to achieve business success and fulfill its mission: Only when customers succeed can the company have a chance of success

    The focus of work revolves around understanding customer pain points, solving their problems, earning their trust, and helping them achieve success

    Deliver products that bring real value to customers, make every effort to fulfill customer commitments, and respond quickly to customer issues

    Serve customers with a long-term positive mindset, not confined to short-term business transactions

  • 2

    Professional Always

    Achieve excellence in a focused field, creating a 'professional' brand as the company's first impression on customers and the industry

    Become a trusted partner and friend to customers through objective scientific expertise and a practical, honest, and responsible ('Intellectual Honesty') professional attitude

    Provide customers with objective and comprehensive background knowledge, avoiding information asymmetry. Clearly define the boundaries of capabilities and create business value within those boundaries

    Keep learning and growing, making small progress daily is better than stagnating in a high position. Strive for excellence, create a learning organization

  • 3

    Embrace Changes

    "Change is the only Constant.” VUCA is the norm of the world and era. 'Survival of the fittest' builds the ability of enterprises to survive in uncertain environments

    Be observant and think independently. Observe and understand the changes in the external world with a positive and open mindset, persist in independent thinking, and make scientific and rational decisions to cope with change

    Enhance survival resilience. 'Investing in oneself is the best investment.' Continuously learn, strive for improvement, strengthen foundational skills, and enhance personal and team survival capabilities

  • 4

    Integrity & Boldness

    “Be focussed without distraction and fully immersed”: Create a simple, direct, and efficient atmosphere for communication and collaboration

    Learn and apply first principles, understand the essence and core truth of the matter

    Dare to express, be good at expressing. Reject having a fragile heart, be a resilient listener

    Face and rightly address differences and conflicts in work: Prioritize the benefits and obstacles of the team, not personal gains or losses

    Break out of the comfort zone, dare to embrace challenges, and be willing to accept failures. Persevere with resilience, avoid recklessness, and continuously seek optimal solutions

    Understand the team's mission, believe in the team's mission, and achieve personal value in the process of accomplishing the team's mission