Case Study| Pioneering in the Industry: Redtea Mobile &Wiwide, How eSIM technology is revolutionizing the Cloud-managed networking Solutions for Retailers


Consumers’ embrace of digital technology is disrupting retailers worldwide, with the rapid development and prevailing application of technology like IoT, cloud computing, big data and artificial Intelligence, online and offline sales of retailers compete and blend with each other and we’ve seen a rapid growth of digital transform in more and more retailers , this is what “New Retail” is like. And for brick-and-mortar stores, the first key to embrace the opportunity of technology is the Wifi networking solution revolution.

Traditional fixed networking( Most commonly applied solution)

            (essential requirement: to monitor and maintain various devices with one device only)

Till recent years many companies were using traditional network architectures, with obvious limitations like the high management cost, inconvenient installment and lack of networking resources. And day by day, with the rapid growth of offline stores, these limitations are increasing very fast.

  1. High Management Cost: less flexibility for long term contracted networking solution, with charges varying from areas , packages and shopping malls, the once-for-all charge and installment is far from reality and thus results in high management cost.
  2. Scarcity of networking resources:  installment of networking might be difficult for a new store deployed as chances are there is always the situation like lacking networking resources from local property or operators.
  3. Inconvenient control and management:  control and management can only be operated locally, which can’t adapt to the rapid growth of new stores in different areas with constantly changing business ,  Whenever a new network device is added to the network, rewiring is required. All of these devices are managed by human. And with growth of the networks, It is quite a challenge for the longtime and real-time management of the these huge wifi network infrastructures, we wish to manage all the devices through one device only and control by a single view through the platform.
  4. Lack of interaction with customers: traditional networking doesn’t allow data communication that would greatly facilitate the digital transform for retailers as the cloud broadband captures real-time status information, without a smooth shopping experience offering  wifi to snuggle an afternoon, the overall customer satisfaction would be discounted to a large extent. Not to mention to deliver customized marketing messages and promotions.


Imagine this:   there is a one-stop solution  to combine all the elements required for networking into a standard package service into the router, and device connectivity service powered by eSIM technology is then provided to enable the end-to-end networking solution, we call it RedteaReady cloud-managed Wifi solution,  here are four three benefits the Redtea eSIM technology is poised to revolutionize the retail industry.

With a single device for chain stores, networking devices of all the chain stores could be monitored through the platform that allows control and management of the networking service package and the realtime networking situation, and even automatic rewiring when a new device is added and the over-the-air upgrading could be realized.

Flexible options of operators to guarantee the “always on connectivity” according to local networking situation, by automatically switching into the preferred network resources available.

Periodic and flexible payment method, installment and maintainance is no longer a hassle work.

RedteaMobile & Wiwide | Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi: A Cornerstone of Wifi Networking Transformation powered on eSIM for Retailers

Powered by eSIM technology from RedteaMobile, the Wi-Fi network architecture provided by Wiwide also offers media services along with precise marketing services, this “RedteaReady cloud-managed wifi make the Most of Your Retail Wi-Fi Network, which makes it easy to for you to switch into preferred networking operators, and offer as the single or backup networking solution to guarantee the always-on connectivity, and economical management that enables more investment into your core business .

  • Plug & Play Connectivity: Free your device from a series of tedious steps including swapping SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi network, or  connecting to an ethernet cable to obtain network access.
  • Always-on connectivity : switching into wifi-enabled networking resources automatically
  • lower cost: A reduction of 40% broadband cost
  • Unified deployment of new Wi-Fi enabled locations and bring all of your devices and sites together into a single view from the platform, a sharp reduction of management cost.
  • branded guest login portals to engage customers
  • Precise marketing services: to deliver customized marketing messages and promotions. Update these messages as often as you like.


RedteaReady  in place to enable your massive IoT deployment scalability 

RedteaReady Service, provided by Redtea Mobile which advocates the idea of CaaS(connectivity as a service) can solve the problem of the initial network connection in a practical way. Specifically, RedteaReady Service bundles eSIM capability together with a set of SIM profiles built-in, in order to provide connectivity as a service. We have implemented the service on Android, Linux, and one of the RTOS operating systems running with Qualcomm or MediaTek baseband processors, and we expect no major effort to port it to more other platforms and delivers global IoT Connectivity. The service uses a fixed set of the built-in SIM profiles without the need for personalization; therefore it is just a matter of integrating the service into the firmware for different module vendors and requires no modification in their manufacturing process, which makes it also possible to upgrade existing devices in the market over the air.

For the client which can be either the device OS or a 3rd-party application, RedteaReady Service provides an API to simply establish a guaranteed cellular network connection, with the amount of time to use and available data volume being the configurable parameters. The actual SIM profile used for the established connection will be chosen from the best available operators according to the current location, but the client doesn’t need to be concerned as it all happens automatically.

RedteaReady enables instant data connection from a device’s initial use, providing mobile subscription management throughout the device’s life cycle.

All in all, RedteaReady cloud-managed wifi would free device OEMs from all the common hassle work like purchasing modules or SIM cards, managing data usage and handling complicated deployment and management of networking solution.


Application Scenarios for RedteaReady cloud-managed wifi solution

By far, RedteaReady cloud-managed wifi solution has been the only wifi networking solution ,the revolutionary move of applying eSIM for the connectivity , to enable the highly efficient and flexible networking management for retail stores and to increase the interaction between brands and customers, can be counted as the initial leap in new retail networking  area covering a variety range of business like supermarkets, KTV, drugstores, cafeterias, hotels, wedding photography studios, chain stores or brand stores of clothing, luggage , bags , make-ups, jewelries etc.


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