Ensure Always-on Connectivity with RSP Platform

Ensure Always-on Connectivity with RSP Platform

“Always-on Connectivity” is referred to as the capability that keeps a device 24/7 online. As we know, a device may go offline for several different reasons, including, but not limited to, poor coverage, Wi-Fi hotspot malfunction, the prohibition of permanent roaming when involving global roaming, or even an overdue payment.

The key for “Always-on Connectivity” service is “remote provisioning”. It contrasts with the traditional methods of pre-provisioning specific, fixed profiles into SIMs during manufacture, and is capable of downloading a SIM profile to an in-market SIM and can also potentially delete and rewrite profiles and switch between them. In addition, a bootstrap profile that is pre-installed in eSIM makes remote provisioning easier. If there is fault or problem, the eSIM reverts to this bootstrap profile, which can call home to download SIM profiles remotely again so you never lose the connection.

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