Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS): The New Paradigm

eSIM is a disruptive concept that has potential to reshape the landscape of the industry. However, like all innovations, it takes efforts and time for the concept to be widely landed and to be fully appreciated by the community. This is the opportunity for Redtea Mobile, and why we propose to leverage eSIM technology with a turnkey solution. While shipping services, we constantly receive feedbacks and requirements from our clients and customers, which leads to the adoption of some “byproducts” that do not belong to standard eSIM but are still desirable. “Connectivity-as-a-Service” is one of such “byproducts” that was inspired from our evolving service, and undoubtedly makes it possible for a better or comprehensive connectivity experience.


CaaS, the Concept
“Connectivity-as-a-Service” is a paradigm that refers to the capability that ships plug & play  connectivity  and always-on connectivity to devices. CaaS should be an open service that exposes standard interfaces to device manufacturers and other third-party developers.

The devices mentioned above is broadly referred to any electronic devices that has a cellular chipset, including both consumer electronics and M2M devices.

Plug&play connectivity is referred to as the capability that enables a device to obtain cellular connectivity right after the device is powered on. This capability frees end users from inserting an active SIM card, joining a Wi-Fi Network, or connecting to an Ethernet cable to obtain network access.

Always-on connectivity is referred to as the capability that keeps a device 24/7 online. A device can be offline for various reasons, including but not limited to poor coverage, malfunction of a Wi-Fi hotspot, or even an overdue payment. CAAS offers

In terms of openness, we propose that CaaS should be designed as a standard utility service such as Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Users, APPs and other services can activate CaaS on demand, and benefit from the connectivity advantages mentioned above.

• Case Scenarios
CaaS for Redtea Roaming Service
By partnering with cellphone brands, we embed our eSIM technology in the handsets, and deliver end users with global roaming service, which loads local SIM profile to the handsets that are out of their home countries. Currently we are serving millions of customers for 9 cellphone brands.

CaaS has demonstrated its value from the following perspectives,

• Bootstrapping
There is a scenario for international travelers that their devices can be off the connectivity when arriving at destination countries: The international roaming of their home carriers might not have been activated ahead of the trip, it is also difficult to find and connect to a public Wi-Fi in some countries. The CaaS can bootstrap the network connectivity, which enables end users to get a short-term connectivity to send msg back to family and friends, and to purchase a local data package from our roaming APP, and get a long-term data connectivity.

• Global Data Package with adaptive SIM profile
A frequent international traveler has a demand on the data package that can dynamically and adaptively switch to a local carrier depending on the destination country. This requirement can be fulfilled with the equipment of CaaS, which allows a device to first upload its location from the CaaS channel, and over-the-air to retrieve the best-to-use local carrier profile.

• CaaS for Device Manufacturers
CaaS also has the potential for device makers to inspire innovations. As an example, Moto by Lenovo, utilizes CaaS for their “privacy protection” feature. When a phone is stolen or lost, the intruder will first disconnect wifi connectivity and eject the existing SIM card. To project user privacy to be attacked offline, Moto set a policy that automatically brings up CaaS connectivity by Redtea Mobile if a device is offline by sometime, and remotely lock or even erase the privacy data.

To recap,
• CaaS and eSIM complements each other, Caas further paves the road for eSIM adoption.
• We envision CaaS as a new paradigm for Cloud Computing which enables developers to customize and implement their own connectivity preferences, decide which carrier to use, what data package to start with, etc.
• Redtea Mobile is on the way of developing it, and we are ready to be the CaaS leader.

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