A More Connected World Made Easy with Redtea Mobile

In this hyper-connected world, billions of objects and devices will be connected worldwide across multiple mobile networks over the coming years. Redtea Mobile is in place to give consumers the new cost-saving and practical answer by re-defining global connectivity.

Redtea Mobile is the leading eSIM (embedded SIM) service and solution provider that enables out-of-box connectivity with eSIM pre-installed in the device and ensures always-on connectivity with Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Platform.

Redtea Mobile has developed an RSP platform which is fully compliant with GSMA eSIM standards.

Why Redtea Mobile

A fully integrated solution

We provide an end-to-end service comprised of global cellular data coverage, remote SIM provisioning, and embedded SIM solution.

Experience in production

Our technology has already brought benefits to cellphones and an even wider range of IoT applications.

Stay professional and focused

We are very concentrated on the global connectivity integrated solution to get your products to market faster.


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